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You are now one step closer to flying the Flyboard water propelled jetpack! Our unique system provides one-on-one personal training conducted by certified flight instructors. During the lesson you will learn proper steering controls, floating positions, low taxi, high taxi, free flight and of course landing. Most people are up and flying in a few short minutes!

NOTE: Age & Size requirements: All participants must be 12 years old and weight at least 100 lbs. Maximum weight is 300lbs. Participants under 18 years of age must have a legal guardian present during the flight. Legal guardian must also sign the liability release waiver.

Lucky Peak is available upon special request of 4 people or more

Other lakes within 100 miles available for a group of 8 or more

Flights directly run by Flyboard Idaho Water Sport and Flyboard Idaho Employees are located in the Idaho area.

Note: All flights are subject to a 48 hour non-negotiable cancellation fee. Any flights cancelled or scheduled beyond 48 hours before the flight will not be refunded! Severe weather cancellations will be rescheduled at the next available opening.  

Introductory Flights are available for 30 minutes, 60 minutes and a group rate (up to 4) for 120 minutes.

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